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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Burlap and Fabric Flower Hoop

I guess third times a charm is really true! I tried two other DIY projects before this one and they were complete flops, but I kept trying and this one finally worked! It didn't take that long and it was really simple. Here's how you make your own DIY Burlap and Fabric Flower Hoop:

Pearl Beads
Book Page
Embroidery Hoop
Black Cardstock
Hot Glue Gun
Step 1: Cut out cardboard to back the fabric in the embroidery hoop.
Step 2: Cut your fabric to fit in the hoop, while leaving a little excess to hot glue to the cardboard.
(Make sure that your fabric is tight and secure)
Step 3: Cut out your flowers that you want to use, while making sure that they are different sizes. I made four flowers and then hot glued beads in center. I used black cardstock, the same fabric that I put in the embroidery hoop, burlap, and then a page from a book.
Step 4: Hot glue your flowers down and then hot glue your beads down.
Step 5: Tie your twine in a bow at the top. You're done! Enjoy :)
Thank Y'all for reading,

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