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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY Bows

I absolutely love bows, but most of them cost $10-$12, so I decided to make my own bows for less than $1 each. Here's how you can make your own bows in any color/pattern that you want:

Supplies -
Hot Glue Gun
Fabric (I got mine out of the fabric remnants bin for $1)
Hair Barrettes

The first bow I made, I used half of the polka dot green fabric. I also got a pack of 4 hair barrettes for $1.50 so each barrette is only about $0.38. I ended up only paying about $0.88 for one bow!
Step 1: Pick fabric and fold it twice.
Step 2: Cut the excess off.
Step 3: Fold the extra into the bow kind of like a tri-fold. 
Step 4: Hot glue the fabric down.
Step 5: Pinch the rectangle shape into a bow shape and hot glue when you have the desired look.
Step 6: Cut a piece of extra fabric to glue around the middle, and hot glue down.
Step 7: Hot glue the barrette on the back of the bow and then you're done! Enjoy :)

Thank Y'all for reading,

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