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Monday, January 12, 2015

Mason Jar Soy Candles

One of my favorite spots on Earth is the Nashville Flea Market. Endless "junk" to be shoveled through. And lots of hip people to people watch. But the vendor that I always migrate towards 
is "The Soy Candle Lady" as I like to call her. She has decadent smelling candles that burn perfectly, so I immediately had to learn how to make my very own!

Glass Jars
Melting Pot
Larger Pot
Soy Wax
Mixing Spoon
Fragrance Oil
Wick Glue or Hot Glue Gun

Begin by laying out some newspaper to protect your surface and then hot glue the wicks to the bottom center of your jars.
(1 lb. of wax yields 3 eight-ounce candles) Then add a few inches of water to the larger pot and let it heat while you weigh out 1 lb. of soy wax & one-ounce of your fragrance. I used vanilla and cinnamon swirl. Next, add your melting pot with the wax and no fragrance to the larger pot by creating a double-boiler. The wax will begin to melt, but you must watch it carefully as it can ignite if it gets too hot. You heat and stir the wax until it is completely melted & has reached 170-180 degrees. 
 Once you reach the right temperature, you may remove the wax from the heat, but you can not add your fragrance and pour them in the glass containers until they reach around 140 degrees. I recommend to pour very slowly, so that the wax won't sink from air pockets. I also suggest that you pour the wax for each candle all at once and don't try to go back and even them out because this will also cause the wax to sink since it is cooling at different temperatures.
 If they are cooling correctly, then you should begin to notice some cloudiness at the bottom. It takes 24 hours for them to completely harden and 2 days for them to be ready to burn.
 Once they have cooled, you can trim the wicks to around 1/4 inch and fill your house with their delicious scent. 
They make perfect gifts or sweet decorations that smell heavenly.

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  1. These are so cute! I saw a great project for making candles inside tea cups... Now I know how! Thanks Lindsey :)

    1. Thanks! I have seen those and would love to try them out too. I would love to see how they turn out & I can answer any other questions that you have!