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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Desk Space

This is one of my favorite spaces in my room. I love stories behind things, so it definitely incorporates lots of knick knacks with precious stories.

One of my fondest memories of my grandmother is her baking. I took two of her old cupcake tins and added in some cute cupcake liners with my favorite vintage cutouts. 
I think buttons are a really cute way to add a pop of color to my black chalkboard wall. Here's how you can make your own DIY Button Deer Canvas
My dad used to play tennis back in "the day" when they had wooden racquets with presses. I am not very good at tennis, but it's so sweet to have something with so many memories passed down to me especially since my dad got it when he was in highschool and I am in highschool. I also added some mini clothespins with some old pictures of my grandfather in WWII, my daddy playing dress up, and the old mill in the town where my mom grew up. I also love adding cute chalk messages on my wall. The white owl is one of my favorite finds from West Elm.
My desk is where all of the creativity happens. My sticker covered laptop helps me write papers for school or edit photos and blog. I also have this old coke crate which is a great storage system for my washi tape, paper clips, highlighters, and basically anything else that I would ever need. My typewriter was given to me by my sweet daddy and I use it to type cute notes, but when it's not in use I display my grandfather's dog tags and a drawing of Elsa from Frozen that my brother made me. I also love my flying pig and PBTeen bunny lamp because they add cute aspects to my desk.

I also have my vintage letter opener with some love letters that my grandmother wrote to my grandfather during WWII. I think they're so cute to read.
I love using this electric insulator to display one of my favorite pictures from an antiquing day. I also have my vintage stapler and some of my favorite mark twain books stacked under my PBTeen bunny lamp.
This is one of my favorite spaces beside my desk. I absolutely adore travel so I thought this was a good way to show off my red vintage suitcases and globe. I also put some shutters behind for a cute background and I love having a cute way to display my vintage cameras. I also added my black "It's a Wonderful Life" sign because it's a good reminder and I love that movie.

This gold "&" sign is another one of my favorite things in my room mainly because I got to have an awesome time at the flea market with two of my bestest friends.
The green mirror is one of my favorite finds from a barn sale that I went to with my mom. I also love my bed spring lighting above my desk. I basically found some old bed springs and added some white Christmas lights which created very magical lighting.
Here's another picture of my bedsprings. I fell in love with them from the moment I saw them and had no idea what I would do with them, but I knew that I had to have them.
I love my blue door next to the chalkboard wall. I think my flower wreath adds even more color and if you can't tell I love inspiration so I added a song that says "You are my sunshine" because that what my mom says to me all of the time.
I have some more chalk designs like the banner with my name and the be-YOU-tiful. I also have my antique door that I got for $75 which holds a cute mail dish towel from Anthropologie, a cute metal birdhouse, and a white lace pillow. This space also shows a better view of my mirror, my grandfather's ruler that I shaped like a star, and a "Love you more" sign because my mom and I love to say that to each other.
This is my cute little foot stool that holds my phone. The stool was originally a tall stool that was cut and I think it works perfectly in its nice and cozy little spot.
I also have my Tennessee silhouette sign beside my reading nook. I think the door looks so nice in the corner behind my chair. I love to have my stacks of quilts next to the chair to cuddle up in and read some of my favorite magazines or books. If you can't tell already my chalkboard wall is extremely useful for reminding me when my next test is and other stuff like that.
Last we have my desk chair. It is so comfy and actually helps me enjoy doing my homework. I got the chair for $5 at a warehouse sale. I added one of my favorite pillows that says "Keep calm and dream" and a fun white blanket that I got for $3 last weekend.

I love how everything works together. The new and the old. The soft and cozy white mixed with a black chalkboard wall. The gold accents. It truly is my happy place that expresses who I am.
Thank y'all for reading,

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