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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crafting and Cooking Day

My friend Kara came over today, so that we could cook and craft together. We had so much fun! We made a fudge pie and chalk painted a table for her dorm room for college. She has a blog so y'all should go check it out: We have matching aprons from Anthropologie that we used for cooking our pie today! She is going to post about how we made the fudge pie and I'm going to post how we made our own chalk paint and chalk painted her table. I hope y'all enjoy:

Kara really wanted a coral color for her table, but we couldn't find one so we got on the internet and discovered that you can make your own! She went to Lowe's and bought the paint color that she wanted in a quart size can and a bag of plaster of paris. All you need is 3 parts paint and 1 part plaster of paris. Then you add water to make it thinner consistency. We added water until it was the same consistency of some of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
Here's the before:
She purchased this table from Goodwill because she thought it was the perfect size for her dorm room, and she knew that she wanted to repurpose it.
(We forgot the water, so it is a little too thick in this picture)
We painted her table with 2 coats of the chalk paint we made, and it was exactly the same as the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I know and love.
We sanded the table to get a more distressed look.
We then added the dark wax to make it have a rustic and vintage-y look.
We used the wax brush, and then rubbed it in with an old sock for our soft cloth.
We sealed the table with the clear wax, which also smooth out the dark wax. You don't have to use the dark wax, but you have to use the clear wax to seal your chalk paint table.
We poured the left over chalk paint that we had made into a mason jar and used my adhesive scrapbook paper to make a label for the top.
 Here's the after of her table for her dorm room:
Here's a closeup of the table! I am so glad that we got to spend today together. If y'all want to learn how to make the fudge pie that we made then y'all should check out her blog: I GOT YOU FLOURS
Thank Y'all for Reading,


  1. I will definetly have to make this chalk paint! Fun stuff!

  2. Yes! You're coming to our crafting and cooking day next time by the way :)