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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mason Jar Cups

I hope that everyone had an awesome Fourth of July! It unfortunately rained all day long here, but that didn't put a stop to all of our fun! We still watched fireworks and spent time as a family. We even grilled hotdogs indoors on our George Foreman Grill. I made these Mason Jar cups to use for the Fourth of July so here's how I made them:

Mason Jars
Straws (Walmart)
Scrapbooking Paper
 Step 1: I got my dad to help me drill holes in the lid that were big enough for my straws to go into.
 Step 2: I wanted to cover the holes and make them look a little prettier, so I traced the lid and hole for the straw onto my scrapbooking paper and cut it out.
Step 3: I put the paper that I had cut out on the lid and reassembled the Mason Jar and filled it with ice water to enjoy!
 I made one for each person in my family and I coordinated the paper with the color straw that I used.
I hope y'all try this out because I love my Mason Jar Cup. 

Thank Y'all for reading,