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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Wall Display

Every year my Christmas decorating begins on Thannksgiving, some may call me crazy but it's a tradition with my family. We break out the Christmas music and let the decorating begin! These past few weeks have been full of days transforming our house and filling it with Christmas spirit. I'm quite happy with how everything has turned out, so I am going to share some of my fun and easy crafts starting at the beginning of my house in our entry way.

I thought this would be a fun craft to add a cute touch to our entry way.
Shadow Box
Paint and Painter's Tape (if your shadow box isn't the color that you want)
Christmas Paper
Fun goodies to fill the inside
Glue Dots
 I wanted to paint my shadow box red, so I taped around the edges to keep the glass nice and clean.
I painted two coats of the red on the inside and outside and then removed the tape when the paint was dry.
I wiped down the glass to make sure that there wasn't any paint on the glass that might have seeped through the tape and then I put my stickers on the glass to spell out "Let it Snow" which must have inspired mother nature because we had a snow day Tuesday!
I traced the Christmas paper to the backing of the shadow box, cut it out, and then used some glue dots to apply it.
I then added some red and green star ornaments and cute pom-poms and candies from a wreath I found at Hobby Lobby to fill my shadow box! I am so happy with how it turned out.
It makes our entry way so much more welcoming along with the other wintery touches.

Thank y'all for reading,

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