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Monday, May 19, 2014

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Window displays.
Tissue paper tassel garland is everywhere.
 I absolutely love this trend, but it can be expensive unless you make it yourself.

Tissue Paper
Baker's Twine
Washi Tape
(One piece of tissue paper gives you four tassels)
You are going to want to start by folding 1 piece of tissue paper in half lengthwise (hotdog style)
& then you're going to want to fold the piece of tissue paper in half widthwise (hamburger style)
Fold it one more time widthwise (hamburger style) 
Next cut thin "fringe" strips 2 inches from the top
You should have something like this once you're done cutting your strips.
(If you have trouble cutting all of the layers evenly, you can always unfold it and cut)
Then cut the tissue paper in half, so that you are left with 4 sections.
Take one of the sections and roll the middle of the tissue paper.
Then start twisting to make a loop.
Once you've twisted enough, the loop should become secure enough to hang on your twine
but I decided to make mine a little more unique and sturdier by securing the loop with coordinating washi tape.
You are left with a pretty tassel. Then all that you're going to want to do is string your garland together. I made a random color combination and hung it at the top of my window to add some color to my sheer white curtains. I think it is so cute to wake up to see each morning.

Thank y'all for reading,

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