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Friday, September 13, 2013

Polka Dot Pumpkin

I can't wait for fall to start. I love all of the colors, scents, and perfect weather that come along with fall. I also love decorating for fall!

When I was shopping at Walmart the other day the section of bright orange pumpkins caught my eye and I immediately plopped one into my buggy. I ended up picking one of the smaller ones because I thought that it would be cute for decorating.
Gold Acrylic Paint
Circle Sponge Brush
 I evenly spread the gold paint on the sponge brush, and polka-dotted my pumpkin.
I went over each dot twice to make sure that the dots had an even coverage, and then I let the paint dry.
 My polka dot pumpkin has a new home in the entry way of our house.
I hope that y'all loved my polka dot pumpkin!

Thank y'all for reading,